literally idk why this is a big deal let me do what I want like trust me

i’m so tired everything feeels like a bubble


your fave is not problematic: mark ruffalo

i love neutral milk hotel so much bye


When Iโ€™m dating a man Iโ€™m no longer bisexual

Just like when Iโ€™m at home, Iโ€™m no longer employed

Or when Iโ€™m not studying Iโ€™m no longer a student.

Mmm object impermanencyย 

*thinks about quoting tfios* *CHILLS THE FUCK OUT*

i’m gonna go kiss jeff’s water bottle brb

i hope everyone listening to me rn is having as much fun as i am

broke 2 glass slides in plant science today, lovin it

omg shut up honestlyย