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Puddles by PicFreak42 on Flickr.

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Schwarm III by Andreas Nicolas Fischer

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an extensive list of things that make me cry

  1. thinking about how i’ll be seeing jacob in 6 days
  2. neutral milk hotel
Title: Alien Days Artist: MGMT 3,877 plays


Alien Days - MGMT

Today find infinite ways it could be
Plenty worse
Itโ€™s a blessing but itโ€™s also a curse

Those days taught me everything I know
How to catch a feeling
And when to let it go
How all the scheming, soulless creatures
Canโ€™t find dreamerโ€™s honey in the hive
If itโ€™s right beneath the nose

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Alice in Chains | Put You Down

I can see what the cost will be. You know, I donโ€™t need you; I just canโ€™t put you down. I can see what it all means to me. Honey, I donโ€™t need you; I just canโ€™t put you downโ€ฆ


don’t think this bra is helping actually

siri when will i stop feeling like i look like the grossest person on earth


Michael Thomas

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skype calls

  • : what
  • : what
  • : huh
  • : what
  • : you froze
  • : ok you're good
  • : no i couldn't hear you
  • : you were breaking up
  • : what